Over the past 14 years, Learn Play Be Seen and C-REV Lacrosse Events has steadily evolved to meet the needs of the lacrosse communities. Started by a husband and wife team with the singular goal of giving back, C-REV is always looking for opportunities to take the sport to new places.

With countless people helping along the way, C-REV is composed of a diverse group of lacrosse enthusiasts. We are coaches, players, parents, and friends. We founded Carolina Revolution Lacrosse Services and since partnered with Learn Play Be Seen because we needed to be a part of helping the sport grow with a focus on fundamentals, innovative instruction, and passing on an enduring connection to the game we love.

We believe there is reward in the effort. We believe there is a place on the field for everyone. We believe that lacrosse is much more than just playing time. Some of the most valuable life lessons we have learned have come through lacrosse, and we continue to learn from the players we coach, the families we meet, and the experiences we share.

We have taken our love for the sport national, sharing the field with some of the top professionals in the game from coast to coast. We have helped start programs and helped coach coaches. We have encouraged youth to pick up the game, and rallied around those on the other end of the age spectrum to not put their sticks down. We honor the origins of the game and are excited for its future.

While we have organized tournaments, administrated club teams, and coached at nearly every level, our current focus is on creating unique and meaningful opportunities to expose players to collegiate coaches and programs so that those players can continue their time on the field while pursuing their secondary education. We are also leveraging our community connections to bring the sport to new populations through adaptive and special needs programs.

We have so much more ahead of us and we invite you to join us for the journey!



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