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  Here are just a few of the comments we have received over the years:  
  You guys do it right. Every time.
-Player returning for 3rd exclusive event in 2016
  These days it's easy to throw around half hearted praise. I'll do no such thing with you. I am 100% sold on what you do, how you do it, and most importantly WHY you do it. You have the model everyone else should follow.
-Parent of player attending high level training event in 2016
  I haven't stopped telling every parent on every sideline about your organization. And I don't intend on stopping.
-Parent of player who attended high level training event in 2015 and again in 2016
  You have absolutely changed my game and the way I approach wanting to play the game. I have had no greater experience than I have had working with your group. Everything is different now.
-Player who attended high level training event in 2014
  I can't thank you enough for the time spent, the guidance, and most of all the way you demonstrated passion for the sport and doing what you love. I hope to come back with that same drive, energy, and ability to do for others what you did for me.
-Four Year Program Alum prior to heading off to college
  I was hesitant at first when my child wanted to play what was a new sport to us. We put our trust in you and you have never let us down! We grew in the game along with our child and could not have asked for better guides.
-Parent of Third Year Player on our 2013 Summer Squad
  What your coaches have done for my child is nothing short of amazing. Having been around many other sports and MANY other coaches, you guys are the best. You have a gift!
-Parent of First Year Player on 2013 Summer Squad
  "I don't know how you manage to do it but year after year you turn out some of the best players in the state."
-Division II College Coach after guest coaching our 2012 squad
  "I simply cannot wait for club season. My school team is great but my family is with C-REV."
-Second Year Player on 2012 Team
  "What you are doing for the community goes way beyond the sport and we are all better for it."
-Recreation Department Administrator
  "The kids in your program are different. They are respectful, honor the game, help each other, work hard, listen, are eager to learn, and most of all they seem to be genuinely good kids. That's not a coincidence, that is great coaching and mentoring."
-Current Men's Professional Player on 2012 team.
  "I can see that what you do for your teams is different than what most have come to expect out of the sport. Your coaches know these kids and take an interest in their lives. That trust on the field is what makes a good team great and is what will help move the sport in a positive direction for years to come. Don't change a thing about what you are doing except to do more of it."
-Division I College Coach after guest coaching our 2012 squad
  "I have learned more from you in a single two hour session than I did in a whole season on my high school team."
-First Year Player on 2011 Team
  "Your team was by far the best team we played all day."
-Opposing coach @ 2009 UNC Invitational Tournament
  "What you are doing here for these kids is amazing!"
-Parent of a program graduate 2010
  "Please get me assigned to more of your games because your team makes my job easier."
-Official at a 2010 Tournament
  "I guess all those drills weren't so stupid after all."
-Player and private student for 3 years upon winning the state High School Championship and being named tournament MVP (who also affectionately labeled the difficult drills in practice "stupid").
  "Your team doesn't just look like lacrosse players...they ARE lacrosse players."
-Parent of OPPOSING team at a 2009 playday.
  "What you have taught these kids about lacrosse is great, but it is the life lessons you have empowered them with that is the true gift."
-Parent of a 2 year player and program graduate
  "I feel like our skill level has gotten dramatically better especially compared to the first practice of the season."
-Player in a team huddle half way through our 2010 season
  "It was so impressive to see players who during their high school season are the most bitter of rivals help each other out and encourage each other during your practices and games. I don't know how you did it but keep it up!"
-Parent of 3 year player and program graduate
  "I have never felt more at peace than on a lacrosse field, but only when I wear my C-REV jersey."
-First Year Player
  "I've decided what I want to do with my life. I want to come back and coach with you so I can keep learning and give back."
-3 year player and program graduate
  "Your team looked really great. They played with class and everyone actually looked like they were enjoying themselves."
-NCAA Division II College Head Coach

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