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You've searched and searched...nearly giving up. You simply couldn't let go of the sport you loved. Now that you have found'll never look back!

You were made to be a part of the

Members of our Women's and U-19 Teams

The goal of our Women's 19+ Collegiate / Post Collegiate Team is to reconnect ladies of all ages with the sport we all fell in love with. Are we serious about the bet. Do we want to win when we play...oh yes. Can we still work just as hard as we did "Back In The Day"...just try to stop us.

Equally important to us is giving back. Someone did it for us, now it's our turn.

We are working on our next practice time so stay posted for when we'll be on the field! We are looking forward to reconnecting with team members who have been with us before as well as ladies new to our team!

We are always on the look out for new members. If you have anyone who you think might be interested, let us know by emailing Skill level isn't as important as a desire to have fun and stay connected to the sport. No matter what you can contribute, come on'll be glad you did!
We will be holding practices at Woodside Park in Fountain Inn. Be aware that for the first practice or two we will likely share the park with some youth baseball teams. While we will have plenty of field space, please be courteous and pay particular attention to where your errant shots may end up.

The address of the park is:
Woodside Park
700 Woodside Ave.
Fountain Inn, SC 29644


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